Ministry of Water and Irrigation signed collaboration agreement


First Jordanian partner formalized cooperation with CapTain Rain project

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI), represented by its Secretary General Dr. Jihad Al-Mahameed, signed the collaboration agreement with the CapTain Rain project as the first Jordanian partner. The nominated focal point for the cooperation within the Jordanian-German project is Ali Ghanim, Director of the Drought Management Governance Unit at MWI. Support and collaboration extend also to Adel Al-Obayat, the assistant of the Secretary General for Technical Affairs. The MWI already provided data series of rainfall and runoff, data that enters into hydraulic and hydrological models. These models are used for flash flood inundation maps that are produced for pilot areas in Amman and Petra. The cooperation will also include capacity development to extend modelling and mapping within Jordan.

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